Elco Systems

Accessible Customer Service Policy

PER: Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA)


The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures and practices that will facilitate the implementation of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005 (AODA) and Ontario Regulations 429/07, Accessibility Standards for Customer Service.


Elco Systems Inc. will make reasonable efforts to eliminating barriers and improving accessibility for persons with disabilities in a manner that respects dignity, independence, integration and equality of opportunity. Elco Systems Inc. permits persons with a disability to use their own assistive devices when accessing our goods and services. These assistive devices may include but are not limited to : support persons, service animals, communication aids, cognition aids, mobility aids and medical aids.


Elco Systems Inc. will ensure that this policy and any related practices or procedures are consistent with the following core principles:

- Dignity: people with disabilities should be treated as valued consumers who are as deserving of effective and full service as other consumers.
- Independence: good and services must be provided without the control or influence of others, and the freedom of people with disabilities to make their own decisions must be respected.
- Integration: people with disabilities must be able to benefit from services or products in the same place and the same or similar manner as other consumers, whenever possible.
- Equality of Opportunity: people with disabilities must be given an opportunity equal to that given to others to obtain, use and benefit from services.


Assistive Devices
Elco Systems Inc. will ensure that our staff are trained and familiar with various assistive devices that may be used by customer with disabilities while accessing our services.

Service Animals
We welcome people with disabilities and their service animals. Service animals are allowed on the parts of our premises that are open to public. The individual with a disability is responsible for the care and control of the service animal at all times.

Support Persons
A person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person will be allowed to have that person accompany them on our premises.


Elco Systems Inc. will provide Accessibility in Customer Service Training to employees and others who deal with the public of the third parties in Ontario on behalf of the Company.

The content of the training will include:

- A overview of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the requirements of the customer service standard.
- How to interact and communicate with persons with various types of disabilities.
- How to interact with persons with disabilities who use an assistive device or require the assistance of a service animal or the assistance of a support person.
- What to do if a person with a particular type of disability is having difficulty accessing Elco Systems Inc.’s goods or services.
- Elco Systems Inc’s Accessible Customer Service policies, procedures and practices.
- Staff will also be trained when changes are made to the plan.


In the event of a planned or unexpected service disruption to facilities, services or systems that are relied upon by persons with disabilities to access Elco Systems Inc.’s goods and services, notification shall be provided promptly.

Notice will include information about the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration and a description of alternative facilities, services or systems that may be available.

Notice may be given by posting the information on our premises or posted on our website or by such other method as is reasonable under the circumstances.


When providing a document to a person with a disability, Elco Systems Inc. will provide the document, or the information contained in the document, in the format that takes the person’s disability into account. The time frame for providing information in an alternative format will vary depending on the media chosen, document size and complexity while all attempts will be made to provide same in a reasonable time frame.


Feedback regarding the way the Elco Systems Inc. provides access to its products and services to individuals with disabilities should be made in writing, if reasonable. Feedback may be made by e-mail, letter, telephone, in person, or in another way that better meets the communication needs of the person providing the feedback.

Download the feedback form (PDF)

Email To: access@elcosystems.com

Mail or deliver to:
Elco Systems Inc.
Human Resources
90 Gough Road, Unit 2
Markham, ON
L3R 5V5

Fax to: 905-470-3183


This Policy will be reviewed and revised from time to time. When new or revised standards are developed under the AODA, this Policy will be reviewed and undated as me be necessary to ensure consistency with such standards.